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break on through.

October 2011

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Who can tell where it will fall?

Character Information and Powers


If you would like every single minute detail about his character, please see his app. I SPARE NOTHING BECAUSE I AM A FREAK.

If you just want to know the essentials, read on.

... So what's the first thing you need to know about Break?

He is Blind.

Not completely blind, mind you. Just mostly. Here's some notes I've compiled about the scope of his vision from canon examples:

- He can see the shapes of large objects, but not faces. He won't be walking into walls or anything of that sort. At least not yet.

- He cannot see anything that is the size of a human head or smaller, although this depends a bit on his distance from it. (If it's more than a couple feet, he's screwed.)

- He has at least some trouble with color recognition. (Although this could also be because he was in a dimly lit hallway; he could tell that his opponents were wearing robes, but not what color.)

- His peripheral vision is limited. Granted he's lived the last fifteen years with one eye, so that was true already. However, both Gil and Liam are able to punch him on the side of his head without Break dodging. This is what clues Gil in to his blindness, so I think it's fair to say it's even worse than before.

A Note on Language:

Pandora Hearts takes place in an alternate world, in a European-ish country with technology and fashion reminiscent of the early 1800s. Most of the town names are French, the characters' names English, and everyone speaks Japanese.

Yeah. I don't get it either. But even the official translation leaves in the Japanese honorifics and words like "shinigami" and "shota." I have no explanation for this but I've opted to keep these quirks in Break's speech. Anyone is free to notice this and think it is as weird as I do!



Break is a legal contracter with a Chain. Chains are beings from Abyss; former humans who were transformed into mindless weapons that wield tremendous power. His Chain is called Mad Hatter, which is a fearsome thing that looks like this. So like a... giant evil top hat and cape with one huge scary eye. Surrounded by blackness. Once summoned, Mad Hatter is the only Chain with the ability to destroy other Chains, making it one of the most powerful in existence. It also gives him the ability to sense other Chains in a specific area.

Unfortunately, using Mad Hatter has a serious downside for Break. It puts an unbearable strain on his body due to the fact that he has already contracted, illegally, with another Chain before Mad Hatter. As a result, it is slowly killing him every time he uses it. Typically Break receives a surge of power from Mad Hatter, but belatedly he will cough up blood and then lose consciousness. The most recent time he used Mad Hatter, he was unconscious for three days, and when he woke up he was almost completely blind. He has accepted the condition is irreversible and even believes the little vision he still has will fade with time.

Non-Canon, for scorched only

The scope of Break's existing power has been expanded to be more universal. This means:

- He can sense whether an entity wields a supernatural power. He can't tell what kind, specifically, but he can get an idea of how strong it is.

- Mad Hatter's power to destroy Chains is now applicable to beings outside his own canon. When used, it can nullify – temporarily – whatever powers are wielded by the person it is inflicted on. This probably won't be used unless in the most extreme circumstances, because the physical penalties Break suffers still apply, and he's just gotten to a point where he'd probably like to keep living a bit longer.

Additional Skills

Break is supremely adept at sword-fighting. It's likely been a lifelong skill, since he apprenticed to be a knight for a noble family from childhood onward. Also, his Chain allows him to focus added power into his fighting. As a result he can move faster than a regular human, and the concentrated Chain power in his blade can reduce a fellow Contractor to dust. This technique does not overuse Mad Hatter's power, and so thankfully does not result in the lovely coughing and fainting spell described above.

Now that you've given all this a looksee, please fill out my Permissions post. Thanks!